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2010. június 10., csütörtök

Cambridge Ancient History - Felajánlót keresek az MTA számára :D :D

Az új verziót/kiadást valaki lenne oly kedves megszerezni és ingyen felajánlani a Magyar Tudományos Akadémia tagjainak, és az egyetemi tanulóknak, a kutatóknak munkájához? Gondolom, 10 év alatt meg lenne mivel kibővíteni ezeket a kiadásokat is..
Előre is köszi! Bíborvirág

Cambridge Ancient History

'The Cambridge Ancient History... authoritative ... written with scholarship and care by leading figures working in the field ... behind each paragraph stands a vast array of scholarship.' The Classical Review Over the past half century The Cambridge Ancient History has established itself as a definitive work of reference. The original volumes were published between 1924 and 1939 and were divided into twelve text volumes and five plates volumes which contained photographs with short captions designed to complement the text.The new editionThe publication of the new edition of the CAH began in the early 1970s. Every volume of the old edition has been totally rethought and rewritten with new text, maps, illustrations and bibliographies. Some volumes have had to be expanded into two or more parts and the series has been extended by two extra volumes (XIII and XIV) to cover events up to A.D. 650. Volumes I and II, only, were published many years ago in a second edition before it became apparent that the whole history should be updated. This explains why Volumes I and II of the new edition have to be referred to as Third Edition. Since the other volumes had no interim edition they are called Second Edition. Third or Second, they are all part of the current sequence of newly edited volumes. The Plates volumes The plate volumes, published and forthcoming, which now accompany Volumes III onwards have been planned as independent works which will provide illustration and commentary on objects or sites that demonstrate the history and culture of the areas and periods covered by the relevant text volumes. Each section of a plates volume contains text as well as photographs, the text taking the form of narrative, descriptive captions exploring whatever historical aspects of the subject seem appropriate.
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The Cambridge Ancient History 14 Volume Set in 19 Hardback Parts2nd EditionVarious Authors £2,095.00Complete new edition of the text volumes of this definitive work of reference.Published January 2006 19 Hardback books ISBN

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